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Hello, my name is Bibhu Dash. I’m a father, husband, author and AI/ML & CTI(Cyber threat intelligence) researcher.

I have authored and edited a number of books about digitalization, fintech, cloud computing & blockchain.

I started this community for two main reasons:

1) Because I find artificial intelligence and machine learning endlessly fascinating.

2) I want to help researchers get started and build skills around that I see a lot of developers procrastinate to get started, and generally take the wrong approach which leads to waste of time and resources. I created this site to show researchers a better way.

Research interest and daily life:

Dr. Bibhu Dash is the Editor-in-Chief for journal “International Journal on Cybernetics & Informatics ( IJCI)” and he is the working president of Sigma Xi ISU/IWU chapter in IL. He is an AI researcher, data analytics architect, author and tech speaker. He currently works as a Lead Solutions Architect for a global financial corporation in Madison, WI. His Ph.D. research focused on deep learning and natural language processing (NLP). Dr. Dash holds an MBA from College of Business, ISU, IL and an Executive Management degree from Cornel University, NY. Dr. Dash is a staunch proponent of smart city initiatives, fintech and his research consistently calls for AI enabled sustainable global digitalization.

Dr. Dash is a Senior Member of the IEEE society and serving in the editorial/reviewer board of many international journals like, IJSEA, IJCSIT, IJSSAN and Cyberpsychology and science publications.