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Prevention of Phishing Attacks Using AI-Based Cyber security

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Hackers and scammers use different types of attacks to attack computer systems.Most of these attacks include a specific set of software that completely takes over a user’s system.
Cisco (2022) defines phishing as, “Phishing attacks are the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source. It is usually done through email” The main goal of phishing attacks includes acquiring sensitive information such as login and credit card information[1]. The attacks could also include installing malware on users’ machines and asking for ransom for removing the malware.
A good example of a phishing attack could involve a user being tricked into clicking a website link from his email[6]. The attacker’s website would then ask for login information which the user would readily provide, believing that it is a trusted website he uses. This ensures that the attacker has obtained the main information he needed. Some common phishing attacks include email, spear, voice, and social media phishing[2]. Phishing is among the most common attacks
used by hackers and scammers. A recent study by Verizon indicated that 36% of all breaching cases involved phishing[7]. The use of phishing has also been on the rise in recent years[8]. The increased use of the internet has made more people vulnerable to attacks. The concept of
phishing is, therefore, a continued danger in the community today.Phishing has also risen due to the development of AI technology. The approach has risen
significantly from attackers, including AI and machine learning, in managing their attacks[6] [9]. Advanced technologies in AI have especially been adopted by phishing attackers[9]. The graph below shows that phishing attacks have been increasing in using AI to complete their objective.

Statista (2021) shows that around 245,771 phishing attacks were recorded in January 2021.Phishing is, therefore, a key problem around the globe today. Attackers are also getting more ideas and tricks for managing their attacks [22]. The information presented above shows the need to develop methods to promote security against attacks[10]. One of these approaches is AI-based cyber security. AI-based cyber security has been researched to have significant results in cyber
security[2]. The results associated with cyber security through AI indicate that awareness would effectively promote security for most individual users.

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